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Hyperrealism Portrait or Landscape paintings; Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache and Pastel.


  • Contract: All commissions are done under contract, and include the basic terms: 50%-50% payment structure, visual references, reproduction and exhibition rights.
  • Prices: Commission prices vary and are dependent upon; finished size, level of detail and media utilized. Shipping costs, possible sales tax and or duties are all defined up front.
  • Timeline: Covers the entire scope of the commission, including a payment schedule,  the deadlines for receiving materials from the collector, how long it will take to create the work as well as shipping options.
  • Initial Creative Process: Includes gathering of the source images and selecting the composition. Clearly outlines what is required of the collector to begin (if it's a portrait of their spouse, usually they are asked to include detailed image requirements such as "please send four or more clear images in a contrapposto stance, at least 1000 pixels wide") etc.
  • Wrapping Up: Clearly discusses the final payment, approval protocol and shipping strategy.

About The Contract

Like traditional sales, all commissions are done under contract. Here are some important terms:

  1. Introduction: Define both parties (Artist and Collector) and clearly state the work to be created — specificity is important.
  2. Payment Terms: Standard protocol calls for 50% upon signing the contract, and 50% upon completion (prior to delivery).
  3. Visual References: The artist prefers to include at least 1-2 reference images (if applicable) submitted by the collector next to the proposed composition.
  4. Retain Rights: Earthshine Studios reserves reproduction rights, as well as the right to exhibit the work with the collector's permission.
  5. Signatures: Ensure both parties sign, with each retaining an original copy.

The Goal

The most important aspect of any commission is managing expectations. We understand a collector will expect a certain result, and it's up to the artist to deliver. In addition to the completed work, communication throughout the process is paramount.

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